On Friday evening, ratification of the UAW treaty with Ford was announced. The deal was accepted by a tight margin of 51.4 percent, the union said late friday. About 51.3% of production workers voted for the agreement, 52.4% of craftsmen voted « yes ». Ford was the last of Detroit`s three greats to vote for a deal. Fiat Chrysler was the first. GM said in a statement that it was pleased that the agreement had been ratified and called it « good for employees and the company. » Examination of the workers` concerns showed that they had problems with local contractual agreements, reclassification of trades, number of apprentices, outsourcing or loss of jobs, and the lack of increased cost of living and acquisitions. GM`s artisans also told The Detroit News that they feared that reclassifications would force them to do multiple jobs, which could lead to safety issues and loss of seniority or work preferences. GM and the union agreed on changes that allow tube manufacturers, mill producers, machine repair companies and tool manufacturers to maintain their current classifications, although the parties agreed that these workers could be trained cross-cuttingly to allow the company to be flexible. , as indicated by two sources familiar with the parties` agreement.

The IEB, a group of 14 members, including UAW officers and regional directors, met on Friday afternoon. UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada said in a letter to union leaders and company presidents on Friday night that the board of directors had considered the contract to be ratified. « I would like to personally thank the local union leadership that supported the agreement, » Estrada wrote. GM`s interim agreement includes 1,300 new craft internships, including at least 400 new apprentices, the first 200 of which would be added next year. GM`s artisans are not entitled to a $60,000 early retirement incentive, which GM will offer to 4,000 eligible employees under the contract. When the GM Treaty was announced on Friday, the UAW said in a statement: « After discussions with GM, the parties have agreed on changes that protect the classifications and seniority rights of core trade. The UAW-GM Council met to discuss these amendments and concluded that common craft issues are being addressed and recommended that the amendments be presented to the International Executive Board (IEB), with the full and unanimous support of the Council. The United Auto Workers ratified the General Motors Co. contract on Friday after the unions and GM agreed on a language statement regarding craft classifications. « Based on the fact that the majority of UAW-GM members have ratified the national agreement and that the concerns of accession to the craft regarding the protection of basic trade classifications and seniority rights are met, the IEB has taken steps to formally ratify the UAW-GM national agreement. » The four-year contract, which came into effect on Monday, came after two weeks of research by the union into why craftsmen refused the deal, while production workers approved it. The Detroit automaker and the UAW reached an interim agreement just a month ago. DETROIT – UAW President Dennis Williams, flanked by members of the UAW`s negotiating committee, has officially begun contract negotiations with Ford Motor Co.

with a handshake with Ford`s negotiating team at Cass Technical High School in Detroit. The current four-year contract expires at midnight on September 14. UAW President Dennis Williams said the agreement includes a signing bonus of $8,000 for all workers and $2,000 for temporary workers. A majority of 55.4% of UAW-GM workers voted in favour of the new agreement earlier this month, but of that total, 58.3 per cent of production workers supported it, while only 40.5 per cent of the craftsmen agreed. GM and UAW reached a four-year tentative agreement on October 25.